1. You can click "One click modify" to download the file and quickly remove the DNS hijacking status.
This file will not affect your computer's security, please rest assured to download!

Download "One click modify" now >

Method 1

  • 1. Right click the dns.bat file and select " run as Administrator "

  • 2. When installing, the antivirus software will prompt you, you can turn off the antivirus software or click " allow this operation "

  • 3. This page will be prompted after the replacement is successful

Method 2

  • 1. Please connect to the network to change the DNS settings of the device. First click the small computer icon, and then click " network and sharing center "

  • 2. Find " change adapter settings " in the left list of network and sharing center and click

  • 3. In the network connection list, find the network you are connected to in "local connection". Right click "network and sharing center " in the right-click list

  • 4. Select " Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) ",in the pop-up connection properties, and then click " properties "

  • 5. In the pop-up property window, click " use the following DNS server address ", then enter the changed DNS in the server, and finally click " OK "

  • 1. Click the apple icon in the top left corner, and click " System Preferences " in the drop-down menu to enter the settings

  • 2. Click the network icon to enter the " network " settings

  • 3. Select the appropriate network connection service from the list, and then click " advanced "

  • 4. Click the DNS tab, then click "+" in the lower left corner, add and , and click "OK"